One-to-One and group classes

Online and in-person in South-East London (SE3)

During Covid-19 I follow stringent health and safety guidelines when working face-to-face, including:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols and ventilation
  • COVID questionnaire and temperature check on booking and on meeting
  • Face masks to be worn by all
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    More Than Pilates

    Energising movement classes with release, breath, stretch, strength and awareness work for the WHOLE body. Combining Pilates, functional movement and corrective training on and off the mat and incorporating small props such as balls and bands.

    Gentle and holistic mat-work class using Pilates based exercises, awareness, release and breath work. Props will be used for support, variety and challenge. Small group allowing for the class to be adaptable, diverse and specifically tailored for all ages, fitness levels & abilities.

    Women's Health

    Women's health has always been close to my heart and in my work I aim to support both physical and emotional health for women. I am running a specific Women's Health class where I combine Pilates, Yoga, functional movements and corrective exercises on and off the mat. Small props such as balls and bands will be used to both aid tension release and to provide variety and challenges. 60 minutes of movements are followed by 15 minutes optional relaxation.

    • Concerned about your pelvic floor or abdominals?
    • Suffering from stiffness or unexplained pains?
    • Recently had a baby or abdominal / pelvic surgery?
    • Want to return to exercising / moving with more ease?
    • Interested in learning some simple and fun exercises you can fit into your day-to-day life?
    • Need to relax?
    Then this class is for YOU!
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    Functional Movement Training

    Based on Applied Functional Science a convergence of physical, biological and behavioural sciences this process involves functional movement assessment, training and conditioning as well as rehabilitation and injury prevention.

    It is a practical and active process for every individual regardless of age or ability. In a nutshell: movement re-education tailor made for YOU.


    I regularly teach half-day movement workshops that target particular areas of the body with the aim to improve body awareness, release tension, create freedom of movement, develop strength and improve overall well-being. Topics include:

    • Beat Back Pain
    • Women's Health - Pelvic Floor
    • Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders
    • and others ....

    Each workshop teaches easy to follow exercises and simple daily activities that fit into a busy life.

    Contact me for dates and locations of the next workshop or if you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area.

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